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Tips for getting cheaper car insurance

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  • Tips for getting cheaper car insurance

    Tips for getting cheaper car insurance

    As a young driver your car insurance premiums will be quite high.

    This is normal as you are seen as more of a risk on the roads by insurers, but there are some ways to make sure you do get the best value for your money.

    Make sure you get a lot of different quotes and then go through them and make sure that everything you want covered is included, and that you aren't paying for services or cover that you don't need.

    When deciding what car to buy, there are some factors that could help keep your car insurance premiums down. If you buy a car with a lower engine capacity then your premium should generally be cheaper.

    Determine what choices you have when it comes to voluntary excess, if you are willing to pay more excess, make sure that you can afford whatever the excess you set for yourself!

    It is also better to insure a car that has no modifications on it; as modified cars will increase your car insurance premiums. Getting a certified alarm or immobiliser system installed could save you money on your car insurance premium. But have it installed by a professional or your insurance company might not give you the reduction on your premium.

    Where possible park your car in a garage or off the street instead of on the side of the road as this could lower your car insurance premium . If you will also be doing low annual mileage, make sure to inform your insurer as you may be entitled to a low mileage discount.

    If you will be driving your parent's cars then you can get yourself added to their insurance policy, but if you own the car you will have to take out a policy in your name.

    Lastly keep your licence clean as the loss of points off your license is a one way road to more expensive premiums.

    By taking the time to do the research you should be able to find a car insurance policy to suit your pocket.
    اللھم صلی علٰی محمد وعلٰی آل محمد کما صلیت علٰی ابراھیم وعلٰی آل ابراھیم انک حمید مجید۔
    اللھم بارک علٰی محمد وعلٰی آل محمد کما بارکت علٰی ابراھیم وعلٰی آل ابراھیم انک حمید مجید۔