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Pegham is being relocated from it's current hosts to another host. This will disrupt services, until the new setup is ready.

The new setup will be a changed one: A new face and a new site, with forum as it is. So stay tuned and see the new site.

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  • health insurance

    Health Insurance

    What is the marketplace for health insurance?

    All health plans purchased through the marketplace (sometimes called an exchange) will qualify as minimum essential coverage (meaning you won't have to pay the fee for not having insurance). You can also find out if you qualify for Medicaid, CHIP or Medicare through your State's marketplace.

    What is the health insurance exchange?
    In the United States, health insurance marketplaces, also called health exchanges, are organizations set up to facilitate the purchase of health insurancein each state in accordance with Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, known colloquially as "Obamacare").

    What is health care gov? is a health insurance exchange website operated under the United States federal government under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, often known as 'Obamacare'), designed to serve the residents of the thirty-six U.S. states that opted not to create their own state ...

    What is meant by health care reform?
    Health care reform is a general rubric used for discussing major health policy creation or changes—for the most part, governmental policy that affects health caredelivery in a given place.