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T20 World Cup Schedule 2016

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  • T20 World Cup Schedule 2016

    No. Date Match Venue Time
    1 8th March 2016,
    Zimbabwe v Hong Kong Nagpur PM
    2 8th March 2016,Tuesday Scotland v Afghanistan Nagpur EVE
    3 9th March 2016, Wednesday Bangladesh v Netherlands Dharamsala PM
    4 9th March 2016, Wednesday Ireland v Oman Dharamsala EVE
    5 10th March 2016, Thursday Scotland v Zimbabwe Nagpur PM
    6 10th March 2016, Thursday Hong Kong v Afghanistan Nagpur EVE
    7 11th March 2016, Friday Netherlands v Oman Dharamsala PM
    8 11th March 2016, Friday Bangladesh v Ireland Dharamsala EVE
    9 12th March 2016, Saturday Zimbabwe v Afghanistan Nagpur PM
    10 12th March 2016, Saturday Scotland v Hong Kong Nagpur EVE
    11 13th March 2016, Sunday Netherlands v Ireland Dharamsala PM
    12 13th March 2016, Sunday Bangladesh v Oman Dharamsala EVE
    13 15th March 2016, Tuesday New Zealand v India Nagpur EVE
    14 16th March 2016, Wednesday West Indies v England Mumbai PM
    15 16th March 2016, Wednesday Pakistan v Q1A Kolkata EVE
    16 17th March 2016, Thursday Sri Lanka v Q1B Kolkata EVE
    17 18th March 2016, Friday Australia v New Zealand Dharamsala PM
    18 18th March 2016, Friday South Africa v England Mumbai EVE
    19 19th March 2016, Saturday India v Pakistan Dharamsala EVE
    20 20th March 2016, Sunday South Africa v Q1B Mumbai PM
    21 20th March 2016, Sunday Sri Lanka v West Indies Bengaluru EVE
    22 21st March 2016, Monday Australia v Q1A Bengaluru EVE
    23 22nd March 2016, Tuesday New Zealand v Pakistan Mohali EVE
    24 23rd March 2016, Wednesday England v Q1B New Delhi PM
    25 23rd March 2016, Wednesday India v Q1A Bengaluru EVE
    26 25th March 2016, Friday Pakistan v Australia Mohali PM
    27 25th March 2016, Friday South Africa v West Indies Nagpur EVE
    28 26th March 2016, Saturday Q1A v New Zealand Kolkata PM
    29 26th March 2016, Saturday England v Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE
    30 27th March 2016, Sunday India v Australia Mohali EVE
    31 27th March 2016, Sunday Q1B v West Indies Nagpur PM
    32 28th March 2016, Monday South Africa v Sri Lanka New Delhi EVE
    29thMarch 2016, Tuesday Rest / Travel Day
    33 30th March 2016, Wednesday Men’s semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) New Delhi EVE
    34 31st March 2016, Thursday Men’s semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) Mumbai EVE
    35 3rd April 2016, Sunday Final Kolkata EVE